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The Flying Classroom

The Weltvogelpark is the ideal destination for your school class. You can create your day and explore the park with its flora and fauna on your own or you book one of our guided tours of the "Zoo School".

Our Zoo School

Adventure education in Weltvogelpark. Do you want to give your students a better understanding of the biology of birds? This is the place to be! At Weltvogelpark Walsrode you and your students will be able to admire birds originating from all climatic zones on earth. During programs every class get an individual guided tour.

1. Penguins, Pelicans and Flamingos

Penguins, Pelicans and Flamingos seem to fascinate adults and children alike. During the exciting visit you and your students will get answers to your varous questions: Are Penguins able to fly? Do they have feathers? How does it feel to touch a Penguin and do all species live in snowy conditions? What do Pelicans feed on and how do they hunt? And why are Flamingos shiny pink? During the commented show feeding of our Pelicans and Penguins you and your class will experience the birds in full action.

2. How the beak is grown…

…so are different bird species feeding on specific food. What are different birds feeding on and with which beak? As diverse as the birds in Weltvogelpark are, so are the dietary requirements of our feathered inhabitants. On an exciting tour you can discover the diversity of beak shapes. Afterwards, you and your class will discover different fruits and vegetables, grains, insects, fish and meat in our food kitchen. At the end, brave pupils can feed some birds with living insects…and learn, that the beak is not only adapted for feeding.

3. All about the egg

Eggs are always oval and white? Wrong! As diverse as bird life is, so are the colours and forms of eggs. At an exciting tour through the park you can learn, which bird lays which egg. If you are lucky, you will experience the hatching of a chick in our Baby Bird Station. In our classroom, the Tree House, you can discover the collection of various eggs and feathers.

4. Owls – Hunters of the Night

What do owls feed on? How do they orientate themselves when hunting at night? What is the largest European owl species? How does it feel to touch the feathers of an owl? And why do owls sleep by day? These and many other questions will be answered during the guided tour through the Owl castle. And did you ever hear the calls of different owl species before? Well, listen here! During the following pellets examination (subject to availability) your students will find out what the owl has fed on for its last meal.

5. In the Tropical Rain Forest

Discover the bird and plant life of the Indonesian Rain forests and learn more about the structure of Rain forests in a playful way. In tropical temperatures and high humidity, you will discover many different bird species in free flight and aviaries. You and your students will playfully acquire knowledge on the rain forest as an ecosystem while also discovering Indonesian cultural artefacts among the birds and plants and thus learning something about the inhabitants of this country.


School classes: 5,00 € per pupil

Adults: per 10 pupils 1 adult free, any other adult 15 € per person

Zoo school: 2,50 € per person

Do you have questions about the school program? We are happy to answer any questions and help you plan and conduct at all times.

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